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  • une jeune etudiante amoureuse du crochet

    Aujourd’hui je veux m’arrêter quelques instants sur cette

    Jeune étudiante

    J’aime sa façon romantique

    De porter le « crochet irlandais »

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    I am a high school student who learned to knit at the Waldorf School I have been attending since I was three years old. My grandmother and I have opened this shop together, which is why we call it TWO KNIT. I knit hats, scarves and gloves.

    My grandmother is from Argentina, where knitting and crochet were very much part of her upbringing and culture. In the early sixties she had a fashion show with her very own knitted designs. Later when she moved to the states she worked at a boutique in Beverly Hills where she created those juliet hats for Ali MacGraw. She was also commissioned by many stars to create one of a kind items such as sweaters, interior decor and dresses. In fact, she created many of the dresses Charo wore on her appearances in Vegas and the Merv Griffin Show.

    We have opened this shop together and will feature pieces we have each created as well as collaborated on


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